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Of the people interviewed, all said that they use their phone to manage other everyday activities including banking. They agree that DOL processes are disjointed from start to finish. They also prefer ethical companies or organizations, but might make exceptions for convenience.

Reputation ranks high among users’ concerns.


Security and trust will be paramount in delivering a final product used by drivers of Washington.

Who Likes Going to the DMV?

Whether it be for license renewal or vehicle tabs, most drivers dislike having to go to the DMV. It's a hassle, the lines can be long, and the waits can be longer. Currently, there is no virtual solution to this problem users face.

Department of Licensing

Mobile App Design

The Solution

A mobile app that allows the user to access and maintain their licenses and registrations on their phones.

By syncing their phone to Department of Licensing databases the user is able to bypass in-person-visits and long waits.

Additonal license types and features could be added later and the ability to manage the purchase or sale of a vehicle.

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